Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sometimes life amazes me!

I don't know what sparked me to look at my long lost blog, but it has for sure been awhile. I was surprised this past week when I logged on at exactly a year from my last post. I really couldn't remember when I had last written on here, and I logged on on May 24th and saw that my last post was May 24th one year ago. Kind of funny.

Funny thing is I have put all of the weight back on and then some. I am currently starting a new weight loss direction. I know you are all thinking here we go again. But really I am not writing for anyone out there but me this time. I felt like writing because I remember it helping me keep my long term goals in perspective.

I have reached my all time high at 191 pounds. I have had a lot of things to stress over in the past year, and food is my comforter.

I am planning to lose a lot of weight fast at the moment. I know, spare me the lecture of un-healthy weight loss. I will do it with hard core diet and exercise. It will happen.

So, here is to new starts, new adaventures, and a brighter horizon. Moving forward.