Thursday, July 21, 2011


WOOHOO!!!!! I'm getting skinny!!! old pants are wonderful when they feel new! (haven't worn them in a long time).
I'm getting really nervous, we are leaving for our big 12 day trip on Monday morning, and I love eating when we travel. Ok I love eating all of the time!!!! But even better when I'm on a trip. Any suggestions??? How to resist all the temptation.
With the move this month and traveling...blah! I haven't made it to the gym in a while and I read Karilynn's blog and I think she is whipping our butts this month!! :)
I'm still moving forward...

I need to take a moment and map out a plan. I'll work on that on our 12 hour drive.

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Inspired said...

My tip for travelling, is...bring lots of healthy snacks with you. Protein bars, string cheese, almonds, apples, etc. And always bring your handy dandy water with you WHEREVER you go.